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Kirsch Product Information

A Modern Legacy
As the future advances upon us, we pause to reflect on our history, a history that is rich in innovation and design. A history that defines our future and gives us inspiration to evolve continuously, not only in our products, but our brand characteristics. We approach the unknown with confidence and bravery, all the time building on principles of tradition and excellence. As you enjoy the new face of Kirsch, know the foundation is strong, the knowledge is unending and the tradition carries on.

The Buckingham ® Collection is a celebration of the finest traditions in American hand crafting. Each piece begins as an exquisite, hand- cut jewel, and then is expertly cast from its original master carving. Distinguished styles inspired from classic architectures offer an unprecedented mastery.

Good design demands perfection, and perfection shines through the Kirsch ® Designer MetalsTM Collection. With an expansive assortment of sophisticated styles and striking finishes, each piece is designed with thoughtful details to compose a dramatic statement for your home.

From the beginning, wrought iron has stamped its noble place in history as being a symbol of strength and beauty. We are proud to keep this remarkable custom alive through our Kirsch® Wrought Iron Collection.

Fine craftsmanship is particularly meaningful at Kirsch ® . Designed and constructed to withstand the test of time, the Wood Trends TM Collection carries beauty and elegance deep within its core.

Reminiscent of prestigious times, the Renaissance TM Collection brings a majestic opulence as the finishing touch to your room. Designed upon the old world principles of capturing individuality and beauty. The Kirsch® RenaissanceTM Collection evokes intrigue and fascination of times past.

Designed with flexibility in mind, this collection adapts to a variety of styles, from minimalist to extravagant. A palette of energetic colors complement the clean lines of each piece. As light passes through the luminous material, a subtle glow emits from within. For a comfortably modern style, Chroma is an excellent selection.

The industry standard for commercial-grade drapery track, Architrac® is used in homes, businesses and other commercial establishments where reliable, exceptional performance is demanded. Architrac® offers strong, smooth operation in a small profile package so you can focus on your personal style.

Our Basic line of drapery hardware offers a classic solution to everyday matters. With a variety of rods that can be customized to fit your needs, it’s a perfect choice for any of your projects.

Adjustable Versatility Exceptional quality is crucial when creating a room scene that stands out. Our basic system stays behind the scene and delivers beauty that endures the test of time. Anything but basic, our variety of rods allow you to customize your treatment. It’s no wonder our Basic collection is considered so essential.


Complete the Look We carry everything you need for a finished look. Each one of our decorative collections have matching brackets, poles, rings and more to bring your design together. We also carry those small, necessary components for your design to function with ease.

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