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A Ceiling diy curtain rod 12', by Kirsch

SKU: 9005-12-025
A Ceiling diy curtain rod 12', by Kirsch Making a custom size curtain rod is easy with the 9000 series curtain rods by Kirsch. 16 inch on center punched holes for easy installation. Construction regular duty steel with white finish. Profile 3/4 x 3/8 inch Pinch pleat drapery, ceiling mount. Maximum track length for a one way draw is 20 feet, with 20 pounds maximum weight. For a two way draw, maximum length is 32 feet with 30 pounds maximum weight. 12' minimum, Full pack price on 252 or 504 feet per box. Priced by the foot, 12 ft increments. Price unit one foot.
Has to ship by Truck : $190
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